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AJAY VARMA ASTROLOGY offers quality spiritual consultation to its clients in Brooklyn and surrounding areas. Our astrologer, Pandit Ajay Varma, specializes in black magic removal and also vanquishes away all evil spirits by performing various prayers, rites and rituals. He is also a specialist in bringing back loved ones. 

You can look out to put an end to all your problems persisting in your personal and professional life. Ajay Varma solves problems involving marriage issues, divorce, job issues, business troubles, depression and more. Call us at (347) 252-6531 to learn more.

At AJAY VARMA ASTROLOGY, since 1806, every method and process is ancient. It was founded by the top, famous and trusted Beekashi Ji. 

These powers and natural gifts have been passed down from generations to Pandit Ajay Varma. Pandit Ajay Varma, as an astrologer, has the power to change any situation, toy with it and bend it to his will in search of perfect art. 

Pandit Ajay Varma is the great great grand child of Beekashi Ji. He has won 9 gold medals for his research, gained the knowledge of more than 91 procedures of astrology, Tantra/Mantra with exclusive Procedures & Spells. Apart from this, he is appointed as the vice president of the association for Astrologers Association in the South Indian community.

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